Soviet Propaganda: Exhibit Now at Art Institute of Chicago

The Soviet propaganda posters of the 30s and 40s have always fascinated me, enough so that my favorite book about Soviet Russia, one I went back to again and again in my Russian Studies papers, is Iconography of Power by Victoria Bonnell. The book describes how the newly in power Bolsheviks used symbols and icons in order to create a false sense of unity within the disparate Soviet Republics.

So in light of my love of all things related to Soviet Iconography, I am beyond excited for the new exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago titled Windows on the War: Soviet TASS posters at home and abroad, 1941-1945. Featuring some of the most recognizable propaganda posters of the period like “The Motherland Calls” , “Save US” and “Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge” (see below), the exhibit will examine themes like USSR-USA relations and re-envisioning Russia’s historical past.

For more information on the exhibit please visit the Art Institute of Chicago’s website.


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