Packing it Up

Packing is an exercise in discipline, strategy and foresight. Will I need this hot pink leotard from American Apparel? Is it ok to bring twenty-five pairs of shoes? What about my “haters gonna hate shirt”? Probably going to need that…

You would think that having moved an average of twice a year for the past six years that I would have this down to a science. And honestly, I am almost there but this time around I faced an added burden in my task– an existential crisis. Why am I going to Russia and who will I be there? The adventurer with few belongings ready to pack up and move on at a moment’s notice? Or a moskovskaya devushka trying to pass for a native Russian, stilletos in the dead of winter and all. Considering the luggage restrictions on Lot airlines I knew I had to choose just one….hopefully its the right one.

I’ve got my bags packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope  this time my visa’s right. Back to Russia, ooohh back to Russia.


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