Brought to You By United Russia (Or the time I realized I could be a Russian backup dancer)

Last week, Valya and her friend Nina took a group of us to see a Zara concert at the Great October Hall for free! Why was it free? Well apart from the staple response of “everyday is a holiday”, there is also the fact that Valya works for United Russia, trying to gain seats for the party in Saint Peterburg’s upcoming duma elections. Trying to win votes, United Russia hosted a free Zara concert (the Russian equivalent of Celine Dion) for the city.

Zara puts on a great show and has good stage presence but I could not get over how BAD her backup dancers were. They looked like they were straight out of my 8th grade variety show at North Middle School, complete with cheap sequins and biker chains. They did C jumps that barely made it off the ground and moved their arms as if they had splints attached to them. I had to stifle my giggles though, as the people around me thought we were watching Anna Pavlova from the looks of enthrallment on their faces. Needless to say, if this teaching gig doesn’t work out I can always reignite my dream to be a music video dancer in Russia.


Pay close attention to the 0:36 mark. What was that?!?!?


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