Wait Till Helen Comes: Russian Edition

Plans are very fluid in the Konnenin household. I woke up early this morning thinking that we were headed to Pushkin for a picnic in the park and some time at a banya. But no, we were going to the  Botanical Gardens! An interesting turn of events but one that I was nevertheless ready for. At Valya’s insistence, I quickly jumped in the shower and got ready for the day’s adventure. Two hours later, I was still sitting in my room pinning things to pinterest when Eino announced it was time to go. I got up and started to put on my coat.

“Where are we going?” Eino asked me.

I looked at him quizzically as I thought I was just along for the ride and not in the position to be making decisions. Luckily, at the moment Valya popped out of her room.

“Einochka, take her somewhere interesting!”

“We aren’t going to the Botanical Gardens?” I asked.

“Oh no it closes at 4. You would only have an hour. You need to leave earlier for that.” She exclaimed.

“Ok,” said Eino “I will take her to Alexander Nevskii square.”

What is at Alexander Nevskii square? Why a cemetery and a monastery. We were to have a very holy Sunday.

Below follows a slideshow of the Alexander Nevskii Cemetery. Ooohhhhh. Didn’t see any ghosts but I did see a lot of religious grandmas and some Orthodox priests with long beards and black robes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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