The Prodigal Daughter Returns



An imminent return to Russia awaits me. After being in North America for over a month, traveling to Chicago, Mexico, Atlanta, New York City and back again to Chicago, I will be back in Saint Petersburg next Friday. Being in the States for so long has definitely slowed my life-in-Russia momentum, leaving a diluted memory of what my daily life there was like. I’m starting to forget the bus routes and metro stations that I had memorized, to cringe at the thought of the mud fields I walk through to get to some of my lessons and to balk at the idea of eating hot dogs for breakfast again… But really what these thoughts serve as are reminders that I am not in Russia to live the easy, familiar life I lead when home. I am there to test the boundaries of my comfort zone, tackle the unknown and learn to see the world through eyes that are not my own.

That being said I have four goals for my return to Saint Petersburg:

1. To spend more time in public places

2. To plan weekend trips outside of Saint Petersburg

3. To converse in Russian every night with Valya for an hour

4. To immerse myself fully in Russian culture



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