News Alert: It’s Cold.

“Like most of those bold enough to have tried a winter assault on the Kremlin, the leaders of Russia’s budding protest movement will face a challenge at its next rally that is perhaps far greater than any government force: the weather.”

At Moscow Rally, Fighting the Cold and the Kremlin, Michael Schwirtz

But seriously I walk down the street and if I unintentionally breathe on my hair it immediately freezes. I wear long underwear under my jeans, sweaters under my sweaters and a hat under my hat under my hood. It’s so cold that it hurts to breathe through your throat for too long but the alternative reminds of  that guy from Little Giants. I now know what frost nip is and according to Valya if I do not buy a long winter jacket I will freeze my ovaries and die. Not really, but I will become infertile. Maybe. I don’t want to believe her mainly because I don’t want to buy a new coat. Winter in Russia sucks. If I can survive this, I can survive anything…

Photo by Mikhail Metzel/Associated Press


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