In a strange, but not all that strange for Russia, turn of events, the Russian authorities have decided to reopen and try the case of Sergei Magnitsky who died in jail two years ago. This is not a case of wanting to posthumously exonerate an innocently detained man, rather it is to vindicate the people that Mr. Magnitsky accused so many years ago.

“Mr. Browder maintains that the posthumous case against Mr. Magnitsky, who died in pretrial detention when he was 37, is intended to intimidate his family and discourage them from pressing for the prosecution of the police and tax officials who they say orchestrated his imprisonment. A conviction of Mr. Magnitsky might also appear to vindicate the officials he had accused of wrongdoing.”

– Read more: Russia Plans to Retry Dead Lawyer in Tax Case, NYTimes

This reminds me of Pope Boniface VIII who was ridiculously exhumed and convicted of sodomy….except that was in 1309.


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