And then they all made out….

As you may know, this upcoming week I am moving out of Valya’s and into my own apartment, aka the “mansion.” Finally! Valya didn’t take the news of my impending departure well (I thought she was going to start crying) so I have been trying to spend as much quality time with her as possible. This means spending an extra half hour drinking tea with her at night, indulging in her need to know every minute detail of my comings and goings, and finally, in going to see Russian musical theater with her.

Last night, Valya and I went to see the musical “Bobby Bunt.” I understood about 2% of it, but as Valya later explained, the musical tells the story of post-revolutionary Russia when in one small village all of the women decided to abandon the men for better things because all they did was drink and no one would kiss them. Or something like that. I’m still not sure. All I know is that there was a lot of vodka, a lot of ribbon dancing, and nudity. Also, the climax of the show featured Russian peasant women dancing in a field of sunflowers holding fake babies while men dressed as gypsies danced downstage. Then they all made out. Figures.

The show was held in the Musical-Comedy Theater (Russians are very literal when it comes to names) which many people call the mini-Hermitage. And with good reason. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The main staircase.

Surprise!- a Madonna!

The aptly named “Red Room.”

Red pants in the red room. #pantsswag

There are numerous iterations of me in the “red room.” Valya insisted. I will spare you their tediousness.

Now onto the “green room.”

Fancy ceiling. I feel compelled to write that, even though its quite self-evident.

And then there is this. Why? I have no idea. I’m not sure anyone can explain some of the things Russians do.

Saw a lot of Russian women taking pictures like this. Decided to join in. I’m clearly a novice.

Showtime! Valya likes to buy cheap pensioner-reduced tickets and then try and sneak into closer seats. Needless to say, I got harassed by several Russians for sitting in their seats while Valya went to go look for better ones. We ended up pretty close but the people we sat next to gave us the stink eye. They knew what we were up to.

The ending scene: The musical included a lot of dancing Marx’s and a large puppet dog whose purpose I did not understand. I really had no idae what was going on for the entire 3 hours. I have also decided that all musicals are too long by about 2.5 hours.


2 thoughts on “And then they all made out….

  1. Beautiful posting. As regards the pic of you with the cell phone….. you may be your father’s daughter, but thank God you look like your mom…. more and more every day. 🙂

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