Muscovites Form Human Ring: Peaceful Protest within Politics?

In a political arena that seems increasingly violent and antagonistic; extreme partisan mud slinging in the US, politicians talking of wars in countries that don’t want them (ahem Iran), etc. the show of peaceful anti-Putin solidarity in Moscow yesterday was, well, quite refreshing.

“On Sunday, amid slush-clogged streets and a steady snow, a carnival atmosphere prevailed, with vendors handing out free hot tea and pancakes to mark the last day before the beginning of Orthodox Lent. The protest was called the Big White Circle, and demonstrators arrived decked out in full-length white furs and huge white hats. Long lines of people unfurled rolls of paper towels and waved them while cars drove along the road, the Garden Ring, honking furiously and displaying their own white flags and banners.”

– from Thousands Ring Central Moscow in Anti-Putin Protest, Michael Schwirtz. Read more at

Sometimes I think I should have moved to Moscow. That place is where things are cooking– this picture makes me so happy.


One thought on “Muscovites Form Human Ring: Peaceful Protest within Politics?

  1. ““A chef who has cooked meat his whole life will not suddenly become a vegetarian,” said Aleksei Yalyshev, 28, an economist.”

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