In the words of (Murda) Mase…. Welcome Back

It’s been over a month now since I’ve returned from my time abroad and much has happened; I spent time in suburban Chicago, visited Ann Arbor, had a weeklong stint in D.C. and  recently moved back to the love of my life, New York City. And of course, the most frequent question asked since my arrival has been, “So what was Russia like?” I try to answer the question the best that I can, changing emphasis and anecdotes each time so that I can both keep those memories sharp and not poke my eyeballs out from the tedium of repeating the same stories over and over and over again, but there is still much about my time that I have yet to reveal. I have pictures and stories that I haven’t shared. I have thoughts I may not know I have yet. I stopped recording my experiences on this blog because a. I got busy. real busy. and b. my millennial, narcissistic tendencies that lead me to blogging in the first place began to fade. Being back in the US, however, has fully restored my self-love and validated the existence of a blog where only my voice is heard. Huzzah!

Therefore, I will be backdating some entries, returning to where I stopped, and hopefully filling in some blanks. Here are just a few of the great pictures from the last six months I spent in the Motherland. (note: many of the pictures I post from here on out were taken by my friend Andrew who came to visit with his fancy iPhone 4.)

So Welcome Back! 

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