Cultural Artifact

Rasputin may be one of the most recognizable players to emerge from Russian history (in part due to the highly fictionalized Meg Ryan film Anastasia) but few people know the real history behind the man who seduced Alexandra Romanov. Good thing we have this Boney M video to help illuminate the facts….apparently he was quite the ladies man.


The Saint Petersburg Vibe

I’ve never been to Saint Petersburg. I have ┬áno idea what my life will be like there and I kind of love that. So far, the only indication I have that I will fit in perfectly there is the following video…

Looks pretty fun, no?

Note: The Duck Sauce song “Barbara Streisand” was obviously a huge hit this past year. Did you know its almost a direct rip-off of Boney M’s 1979 hit “Gotta Go Home”? It’s a pretty rockin’ video.